Özhan Araz

As the son of an artistically oriented family, Özhan Araz has been immersed in many forms of creative expression since early childhood.Özhan started to dance on stage when he was just four years old in Germany. His early professional career as a national athlete in competitive swimming equipped him with a heightened sense of bodily awareness. During his university years, he combined his artistic sensibilities and bodily discipline, and transferred them to the practice of Dance , Music and Theatre. After a brief period of apprenticeship at Baila Tango International Dance Schools and a great many hours of practice Tango with Serkan Gokcesu, the two decided to go into a partnership which proved to be extremely creative. As two males dancing together, they challenged the traditional heteronormative structure of tango, exploring the genderneutral dynamics of a more liberated tango environment where both partners are extremely efficient in the roles of lead and follower and freely borrow from other related disciplines like contemporary dance. The partnership of Özhan Araz and Serkan Gökçesu covered a period of six years between 2003-2010 and their innovative style of dancing and teaching became very popular throughout the world. They travelled the international festival circuit extensively, performing and teaching and giving seminars; and divided their free time between Buenos Aires and Istanbul. With the partnership coming to an end, Özhan Araz began his solo career as dancer,musician,actor, choreographer, and Teacher. He developed his skills with Maestra Silvina Valz and made several projects together with dancing improvisation.. He is currently the founder and artistic director of “TANGOZ” in Istanbul where he employs his unique teaching methods to share his unique style of tango, prepares choreographies for theatre and film, and provides training and coaching performers and pursues his dancing career .